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After listening to a lot of guys complain that fashion blogs are targeted only to women's fashion, I decided to took some time to make a research about what's really in for menswear. Regarding to what I found in other sites and magazines (and my personal taste, of course) I tried to summarize what boys will use this season:

* cardigans from Zara
Cardigans is the must-have of the season and it looks totally great on top of a tank-shirt!

* shorts and sandals from Zara
Tennis shorts is another essential piece in your wardrobe. They're white and go with everything as long as you have nice legs you'll look hot. Strapped sandals, gladiator style, are the only sandals that will keep your feet stylish.

* blazer from Asos // espadrilles from Asos // mocassins from Zara
Red is the new black! Red blazers, red denim, red shirts, red shoes... 
Use and abuse of your blazer - they're everywhere and are not just for formal occasions anymore. Espadrilles and mocassins are also one of this season's must-have. Moreover, the stripes are the pattern of election.

* left belt from Asos // right belt from Zara
To complement your look you need a woven black or brown belt.

I hope your like my tips. Have a great shopping time.

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  1. Já estiove por duas vezes, tentado a comprar essas sandálias da Zara... no entanto o preço deixou-me um bocado descontente, porque queria 3 ao mesmo tempo (não me consegui decidir por nenhuma... então não trouxe nenhuma lol)

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang


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