My name is Sara Mangeon and I'm a wannabe fashion designer. I study at CIVEC, a garment and manufacture school in Lisbon, Portugal. 

I was born in November 89 and all my life I've lived in Lisbon. However, I dream of getting outside my box and not only to travel to Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo but to actually manage to live in one of those places. 
 fashion in so many ways that I cannot even explain it. I  the glamorous, the excentric, the conceptual, the old and the new and I believe that everybody, in their own way, with their unique style, are trying to make a statement and passing a message to the world.

I'm intense, romantic and emotional, I'm a little childish but I'm determined and powerful. I'm also jealous and perhaps too much critical.

Beyond fashion I  photography and music. I don't have any particular favourite photographer, I just enjoy seeing a nice photo - a photo that makes me feel something intense or have a deep thought. Lykee Li, Florence + the machine and Yoav are my favourite artists; iamamiwhoami is my most recent inspiration and Yann Tiersen fosters my zen moments.
I also  gardens. Green, bright, colorful gardens with that smell of flowers and the birds' singing in warm days.
My favourite movie is probably Jeux d'enfants and my favourite book is A walk to remember.
Other thing I truly ♥ are piercings - right now I have eight: ear helix and tragus, 1 nose ring and 1 septum ring, tongue and gum, nipple, and belly button.
My biggest obsession is probably skeletons and bones and I see it almost like our essence (although I hate t-shirts with bad skulls prints).