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All men have one moment in their lives when it appears a gala and they do not know what to wear. Because of this and a with little inspiration in Valter Cláudio's blog, I remembered to do a post about what a man can use in these occasions to have a fun and relaxed look but serious at the same time. Here are my proposals:

To a man that wants to look sexy but still wants to wear a classic suit, I say don't wear a shirt nor a tie. Using a white t-shirt with a slight neckline makes all the difference and the girls will love it.

In other hand, if you don't like suits you can make a completely different approach and choose shorts and vests instead of pants or the typical blazer. Just don't use it combined or you'll look too informal. This time you can had a shirt to your look and accessorize it with a skinny tie or a bow.

(Don't go for the hat or the scarf, I don't think it works in a formal situation like a gala.)

Going black on black is a sexy and safe choice too. You're never wrong with black and you'll even look thinner but athletic at the same time and you'll look more sexy than ever.

Hope you liked it! 

3 comentários:

  1. Que belo post =D

    E como deves imaginar a minha indecisão continua na mesma, isto tem sido dias e dias a matutar sobre o que usar lol até á gala, devo ficar demente LOL

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

  2. Gostei imenso de todos os looks, acho que me derretia com qualquer um. lol
    mas o preto completo e os calções são os meus favoritos, mas tb não optaria pelo lenço.


  3. Há chapéus que podem funcionar bem nestas ocasiões. Desde que o tirem quando se sentarem à mesa, ahaha. Nice post.


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