i'm no bunny killer

Hello stylish people!
Today I went to my favorite shopping place: Feira da Ladra! I had to go there to buy stuff for my internship and I obviously bought a little present for myself as I always do.

shorts from Zara // glasses from H&M // belt from Primark // vintage shirt

This time I brought this amazing fur coat home. It is so soft and cozy I would sleep with it next to me.

And now, I have a statement to make: I like fur coats. I obvioulsy do not approve the methods to skin animals and I believe there should be a way to end the suffering imposed on animals but I also believe there should be a way to end the child labor and the human exploration and that doesn't mean I will stop buying clothes. That just means I will try to fight against that with the resources that I have and believe that someone above me will end these actions. I am not in favor of any kind of inhumanity, but I believe that if everything could be controlled and done in the right conditions without endangering any species it's OK to wear fur.

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  1. ADORO o casaco. Eu nunca encontro muita coisa na feira da ladra, coisas super básicas como lenços apenas. *


  2. Amei o casaco ;)

    Participa no 1ºGiveaway do meu blog:http://fashionsisters-fashion.blogspot.com/2011/10/1-giveaway.html

  3. Tenho um parecido em preto... Super quentinho

  4. Um grande achado =D ando para passar por lá há semanas, mas tenho andado estupidamente a adiar. Como o orçamento neste momento encontra-se reduzido, tem de ficar para meados do mês que vem =D

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

  5. Love your fur coat !
    Just gorgeous on you, love your look <3

    xo SHIKI.


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