some work is done but it's not enough

Well my sweet readers, I'm a little busy right now and I'll be busier when the next week begins.
I'm not taking any pictures lately as you might have noticed and my last posts were quite empty.
Right now I'm finish my kids' project. I'm studying fashion design and I had to come up with 30 cute mindblowing kids coordinates. My theme is the three little pigs since I was absolutely in loved with this cartoon when I was a little child.
As I have no photo or anything else to tell you I hope you'll wish me good luck with my project and I'll leave you with an image from my project.

This jacket is already made and it's absolutely adorable! I know I was the one that made it but trust me. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it.

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  1. eu nem tinha esperanças de ir, mas felizmente à última da hora arranjei bilhetes! enfim, para o ano há mais! :)


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