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Hi dear followers!

Today I'll show you my real wishlist for this Christmas. Although I obviously want everything I've been showing you lately this is a more realistic list regarding not only things that I want but things that I need.

I have no pair of gloves or a real watch. 
I love hats and I only have one.
 All my belts are black or brown and I want to combine them with other colors.
 My cellphone is not bad but I would love to have a phone that I could use to make my posts.
 My camera is really old.
 I need flat shoes because I only have heels and either my feet and my legs are starting to resent from that.
I have nothing to say about the piercing and the tattoo, I just want them.

5 comentários:

  1. oh my! o relógio é tão lindo, por acaso é exactamente aquele que eu publiquei à pouco no post ^^

  2. os loafers da la redout são lindos!

  3. Os mocassion são demais, ainda ontem estive a ver se ainda estavam a venda na topshop! (:

  4. adorei a tua listinha! as luvas são LINDAS! :O também queeeero uns loafers leopardo! se calhar vou ter uns!!! :D

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