blue girl - post 1

Hello fashion lovers, 

Today it's officially open a new kind of post. It doesn't mean I'll stop posting my outfits, but since I'm not doing it regularly and I want to give you something, I'll start posting amazing people I find in the streets. It was just a research for my Streetwear classes and I didn't take this photos in order to put them here inicially. I don't know any name or age and have no idea about the brands they're wearing.
Nevertheless, I love their individual style. And I hope you love it too.

Today, I'm showing you this "blue girl". She's so cute that I was just amazed.

Em qualquer situação que conheçam a pessoa retratada pela foto, por favor entrem em contacto.

5 comentários:

  1. such a cutie!lovely!!!
    Join my CHANEL GIVEAWAY!!!

  2. Que gira, adoro a saia :)
    Passa pelo meu cantinho, Chance to change

  3. ya! Lovely! Adorei o teu blog..e o teu estilo!! Vou seguir <3



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