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Hi dears,
I've found these pictures on the internet and they all made me sigh. One of  many things that inspire my days is photography. Any kind of photography. Oddly fashion photography is not at the top of the list and do you know why? Because most of lately fashion photographs are taken by digital cameras and they go trough an intensive editting process.
I love the dust and the flaws and the magic that only analogic cameras can give us. I see it a little bit like life itself. We can't edit it, we can't add moments, we can't make it look better than it is. And that's the magic - to be able to live truly genuine moments that can be amazing even without adding or taking anything. And even when we try really hard to make everything perfect we just have to wait and hope for the best.

These following pictures are just little pieces of us, of our world, without any kind of edition. Without any filters, without any color adjustments, without anything but the reality. And the reality looks so good so why change it?

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  1. Lovely images :) More than calming and inspiring, they're real!! They made me sigh too..I feel like I want to travel now, great post!


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