la vie en... couleurs

Hello dearest readers, 

Colors are everywhere, they've always been around us but lately it seems that we're giving them a greater importance. I sure do. I must confess that in a couple of years I was all white, black, grey and pastels and only allowed myself to wear some colors during the summer days. Lately my closet is full of color and I can't almost spend a day without wearing them. I don't know what cause that change: did I let myself be so deeply influenced by the trends or is there any other event that influenced my spirit and made it brighter and colorful? What it is, I can't tell.

Colors are everywhere, I wrote before and I'm writting again because it is all about colors... and Paris.
The following image is from several crannies of Paris that inspired me by its simplicity along with detailing. The reason why it really inspire me and made me blog about it is unknown even to myself but I hope you could find your own inspiration within this pictures.

(Photos by Nichole Robertson)

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